Should I Resell Web Hosting?

Should I Resell Web Hosting?

Affordable reseller hosting has become a popular option for those not only looking to utilize hosting for their own benefit but also leasing it out further to their clients. There are many who get into this business because it is quite a profitable option. In a website hosting, the reseller purchases a hosting service from a web hosting company at a wholesale price, which allows them to further resell the disk space and the bandwidth.

Most providers will provide a reseller control panel. Gnu Host reseller plans include access to your very own WHM account, a comprehensive control panel through which you can manage and control at the click of a mouse. WHM provides much more control and functionality than cPanel.

Some providers, including Gnu Host, also provide professionally designed templates to help your clients easily setup their websites. We have lots of web hosting site templates which can be deployed within seconds via our Website Builder!

There are many different business models that resellers can choose from. One is where the reseller buys the web hosting rights from the parent company at a much more affordable rate and therefore becomes a hosting company in itself. Here the reseller is responsible for all aspects of running a hosting business, including advertising, marketing, sales and after sales service and support.

There are many benefits in this business, many benefiting the reseller themselves. The reseller can use the hosting resources they require for their own personal needs, and then sell the remaining to his clients and customers. This can effectively provide a free way for the reseller to host his own websites, as his expenses are reimbursed by his own customers. A reseller also enjoys high quality support from the main host anytime the they may need assistance.

Reseller hosting is also a good option for anyone who may have a large number of websites, and therefore requires more bandwidth and disk space, but they are not interested in renting a dedicated server. Instead of purchasing their own server, they can have what is effectively their own dedicated server without worrying about complicated server administration issues.

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